Sidebar / Gagdets on old Toshiba Satellite (M30)

Hi all!

I´ve recently instaled Windows 7 (x86) on an a bit ancient Toshiba Satellite M30 (single core 1500mhz, 512mb ram, and geforce fx go5200). Its fast and stable, besides the lack of raw power and memory. With a little tweaking i could get the Aero working (amazingly did not slow down anything).
But now my question is about sidebar/gadgets. I googled a bit and theres some users that could get them working, but i seem to be missing:

- Gadgets and sidebar itself (even the "gadgets" option in right click)
- Gadgets and sidebar main folder in "Windows" folder

What i have tried so far:

- Execute "sidebar" on run menu. In wich gives an error due to his non existence
- Re-execute "gadgets platform" on "features" menu. Gives another error, asks for reboot first, then gives the same error.
- UAC on or off, tried different UAC situations, problem persists
- Tried in Safe Mode. Same problem.

Some user told me about copying the sidebar folder from the Windows 7 retail dvd to the place where it was before, but im not sure about this.

Would be glad if someone could post some ideias, re-formating is always an option, but in this slow machine it would take the rest of my life since it took ages to get here.

Anyway, thans in advance and sorry for possible bad english.

Cheers!! :cool:

Well, first off all, thanks for the wellcome. :D

Now for my problem, there must be some sort of mis comunication here. In my desktop machine i type "sidebar" on run menu, and voilá, theres the gadgets and sidebar too (not Vista sidebar, of course). I know it was "removed" the day Windows 7 Beta came out. And the folder is located at C:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar\sidebar.exe.
By typing gadgets in search menu, the results are zero. Im a bit confused, it seems that the gadgets platform was someway phisically removed from the hard drive because in "features" menu is present and selected.
Im still thanking you for the quick reply.


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