Windows 7 Sidebar not working after last update


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since the last update a small dialogbox pops up shortly after booting telling me "sidebar is not working properly, looking for a solution", but it finds no solution.
i tried to restore the system to the time before the update, but after that i got a blackscreen with just the taskbar(but blank, without any icons except START button) after logging on.
i restored to the point after the updates again, and the main system seems to work fine again, but the sidebar hangs itself everytime, shortly after i start it.
i use w7 for about a month now and i had no mayor issues till now, everything worked just as wanted (except for some reaally old games :D) and the sidebar had no issues at all and did not hang once.

the update that caused the trouble is one of this:
NVIDIA driver update for NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX+ (Prerelease - WDDM 1.1) (optional)
Definition Update for Windows Defender - KB915597 (Definition 1.51.937.0) (important)

it is working again! after installing the next updates and rebooting twice i tried to start sidebar again, and it is running without trouble since then :) i guess it was the video drivers fault, but im not sure.
nevermind, the matter is its running ;)
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