Sideways half screen and unaligned touchpad?

So here's this odd problem...

My girlfriend has a Dell Inspiron 1318 Vista 32bit Basic [I know this is a 7 forum but she really needs help and i've never seen this before] and this is actually two problems..

First one that the screen was sideways and i'm assuming 800x600 resolution which barely portrays half of the screen.

I fixed the sideways with ctrl + Alt + up directional key

but the resolution is funky still, now this would be easily fixed except when i use the mousepad...

it only goes so far down...and so far to the right.

It stops at like halfway down the screen and stops about halfway in the screen going right.[it covers a small square area in the upper left hand side]

I have to be to the left and above something to open it [click it]

and to answer your first question I did recently install the Tomb Raider III pc game on there for her, and this did happen after she ended the game, so I believe this may of caused i need to un-cause it.

[Please don't ignore because this is vista, it's a legit issue, and Vista Forum users have become very scarce]

I would also like to add that her WLAN card has been fatally option of internet.


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Probably the first thing I might try is to reinstall the video drivers. If it happened after playing the game, maybe the video drives from the game messed up the system, or the system got hot and caused a hardware problem.

If not that, check into doing a repair install of Vista, but I do not remember exactly how to do that.

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