Windows 7 Sierra Wireless AirCard 880E ExpressCard


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Hello I tried to get the latest drivers from sierra wireless websites but I still cant make the device to work.

All the time after install the device goes into "Device in software installation mode"

If someone can help me I will be glad.
I got Vista drivers from the Lenovo site for my Thinkpad Z60t and they work. Of course, it doesn't do me any good because I don't have a Verizon account. My Alltel USB card doesn't work with Windows 7 and I don't believe it will anytime soon.
zengrits are you talking about ibm driver for my aircard 880e cause I dont see any driver that match in lenovo website.
The Sierra card in my Z60t Thinkpad is built in. I went to a specific driver download page for my laptop and downloaded the drivers. Not sure if they would be right for your system. I just suggested the Lenovo site as a possible place to locate drivers for your aircard.