Windows 7 Sign in problem

Patrick Ahern

Active Member
I value this website for assistance with my myriad problems with Windows 7 operating System. :)

However, I frequently find that my login name (also called "user name') and password are rejected. Sometimes, I can enter this information before my 5 attempts have expired. Sometimes, not.:frown:

I have no idea why I am experiencing this problem. I am certain registering under a different name will make matters worse. :confused:

I know I am entering the correct information each time.

Does anyone else encounter this problem? I fear losing this valuable source of information. :cry_smile:

Please help!!
Clear all your cookies from your browsers then once logged in use keys ctrl + F5 to clear the forum page. Then log off and log back in. If that doesn't work, contact a site admin and report your issue directly.
Same issue occurred with me. I have contact the site administrator & they ask me to request another password by clicking on forget password.
May be this will help you
You need to clear browser cookies and after this just restart your PC you will see a great difference in the performance.