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I am new to Windows 7. I am using Windows Live Mail for my email. How do I make the email program check to see if there are any "new" emails. I have set my preferences to automatically check every 3 minutes, but if I am expecting an email and want to see if it has been received how do I force Windows Live Mail to "look/see" for new mail before the 3 minutes are up?

I now have to close the Windows Live Mail and then open it back up to make this happen.


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You may not have discovered, as you are new to the program, that you can easily reinstate the more familiar menu bar. This may help you to navigate a little better.
Click the small blue square with the arrow, over on the right of the default bar, and select "Show Menu Bar".
Select "Tools" and "Options", and then "General". Select "Play sound when new message arrives"

If this is not what you are seeking, perhaps you mean the old "Send/receive" option? This has been replaced by "Sync", because of the new multi tasking methods of collecting email, employed by "Live. Just click "sync"(On the top bar), or Ctrl F5 together.

Thank you

RAK, thank you very much for your help. I did as you suggested and I am now able to check for new messages any time I want to. I appreciate you help.


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Good. Any more probs with the program, pop back and we will see what we can do.

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