Simple transfer of XP sys files to Win7?

I installed Win7 on my computer by installing on a 'new' hard drive, after removing the drive that housed XP. Is there a simple way to transer certain program files and settings to W7 without buying a specialty program? I didn't know about the "Windows Easy Transfer" before I installed W7, so I didn't prepare for its use.

I could (but don't want to) temporarily reinstall the old drive long enough to run 'Easy Transfer', but I'd rather avoid the two hours it would take.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for the reply. That doesn't do exactly what I want, but it seems to be a good idea if I were to keep the same OS. I just want to keep/restore some of my program settings, i.e. Outlook emails/settings, CorelDRAW workspaces etc. If I understood where that info should be stored in W7, I'd just install the programs and transfer the old info/settings to new OS directories. l'm afraid there may be registry issues afoot, too. I'm pretty close to deciding to temporarily install the old harddrive/OS long enough to run the 'Easy Transfer Tool' although that may not exactly do what I want either.... Oh, the joys of computer ownership!


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Sounds like it could be the easiest (albeit the slowest) option....


go to google and look that up, or or even just go to Radio Shack. It transferes all your files in a snap with no loss. I transfered my complete CODUO files and all I had to do was reenter my key numbers and it worked, so if it transferes something like that, it will transfer anything.

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