Simpletech NAS folder protection


I have a Simpletech Network Attached Storage 250gb SimpleTech SimpleShare (STI-NAS/250) 250 GB Network Hard Drive Product Reviews and Price Comparison -

It uses a web-page style configuration application that allows me to put a password on a folder. The folder can then be opened from a Windows XP machine on the the same LAN just by entering the password when prompted.

Under Windows 7, a prompt comes up for both username and password. You guessed it - but I can't get into my NAS' folder.

I'm trying to avoid going back to Windows XP just to access my protected folder, so has anyone encountered the difference between XP and w7 for password-protected folders on a NAS?

Thanks in advance for your help.

check with manufacturer to see if they have the drivers for windows 7. Sounds like the same problem with vista when it first came out. None of the hardware and software manufacturers had drivers for the OS yet. It took awhile but they eventually came out. This is one of my main problems with a unreleased OS (beta's, RC) and so on. MS sneaky way to get the consumer to do their work for them.

Thanks. I did check in and updated the firmware to v1.07. No dice. BTW, you were right about Vista. It didn't work under Vista either, but I thought that with Windows 7's much-heralded compatibility improvements it would be better.

I got the exact same problem like urs, mine is 500 gb simpletech nas, since like simpletech is out of the business/ been took over by hitashi, any solution u found..............

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