Single click in left pane of explorer

In XP with a single click on a folder's name expands the folder and shows it's sontent in the right pane. How to make this work in 7?

1. "Single-click" option in "Folder Options" just works for right pane but not for left.
2. "Automatically expand to current folder" doesn't work, there's no effect by activating or deactivating it.
3. When double-clicking the folder's name, the overview of the left pane drops down to the bottom (seems to be a known problem, which is not seen as a problem by everybody at all) even if "Show all folders" and "Automatically expand to current folder" are deactivated!

What works best is to click the small triangle left to the folder's name, but that's not what I like. The triangles are so small ao that they are often missed, when trying to click them. I remember I was doing some registry edits in XP a very long time ago to solve the similar issue. Anyone an idea if this would work for 7, too? Where in the registry should this be edited?



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That is odd!
With the three options selected (Single click, Show all...expand...etc) It all works 100% for me.


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Here is the registry hack for XP, but I'm not sure if it works in Windows 7.

I'm not at home right now to give it a try:


Add a DWORD value Friendly Key is set to 1.

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You meant "FriendlyTree"!? Went googling and found that, after your suggestion didn't work, too. So, it seems like this XP trick doesn't work with 7. :(


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Sorry, you're correct and I didn't think it would work being XP.

Some Vista registry hacks work in Windows 7, however.

Well, thank you anyway, it was worth trying it. I guess, "Automatically expand..." is supposed to be the right thing I am looking for, but for any reason this function doesn't work for some users like me. Maybe it's because of the x64 version I am working with?

@RAK: Which version are you working with?


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32 and 64Bit

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