SiSoft Sandra updated to 15.124 SP3a

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    So what's new in it for you?
    1. Support for Windows 7 RTM, built and tested with the latest Windows 7 tools.
    2. New OpenCL GPGPU benchmarks: complete set of OpenCL benchmarks in addition to the existing CUDA & STREAM versions:
    3. New OpenGL GFX benchmarks: complete set of OpenGL benchmarks with the same workload as the existing DirectX (9, 10, 10.1) benchmarks supporting OpenGL 2.0 and later. DirectX 11 SM5.0: this will have to wait until the necessary drivers come out.
    4. Support for new instruction sets in benchmarks: Cryptography: Intel AES new instructions; SHA/256 hashing using SSE4.1 Multi-Media: Intel AVX new instructions
    Download: click here.
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