Skype problems today?


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I've been having troubles with my Skype account all morning. At first it would go down, with an error message something to the effect that "Skype has stopped working" after relaunching it would work for a few minutes and then fail again, with the same message. Now it just refuses to connect.
User interface links to help as well as Heartbeat - check the life signs on Skype products seem to be a no go as well as their community forums Link Removed - Invalid URL . So I assume it's not just me. Just wondering now if this a MidWest, U.S., thing or if it's more global. Any comments? Let me know.


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Confirmed. Skype is down.


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It's a prefect opportunity for a back up IM service. There are several to choose from. Here is a small list. I like oovoo.

1. Vbuzzer
Vbuzzer allows users to send instant messages after downloading the software onto their computer. US and Canada residents can also enjoy free Internet faxing with this provider. VoIP services are available and start at 1.5c/min.

2. VoIPBuster
This software promises great results to existing Skype users. Sending an SMS to a US based account holder from the US will only cost you 8 cents per message.

3. Smart VoIP
SmartVoIP is another VoIP client that promises you cheap rates and great service.

4. ooVoo
If video calling with several friends (or business partners) is your thing then ooVoo is a great client to research further.

5. GoogleTalk
Probably known to most Gmail users, Google Talk is directly integrated into your Gmail account.

6. iChat
iChat is the instant chat messaging suite for Mac users.

7. Jajah
Recently acquired Jajah promises to connect you free of charge to any phone in the world on your first call. You simply insert your own home number, then your friend’s number and press the green call button on their website.


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Here is some additional information on this outage:

Millions of Skype Internet phone users worldwide couldn't make calls — or were dropped in mid-conversation — because of a network connection failure that began about 9 a.m. Wednesday PST.

It marked the second time this year that the popular, low-cost calling service was hit with a major outage, and this one was more widespread than the two-day disruption in 2007.

"For a communications system this large to go down, it's almost unheard of," said Charles S. Golvin, a Forrester Research analyst. "Usually when phone lines are disrupted, the blackout is confined to a specific geographical area. This is worldwide."

Indeed. In the past, there have been network outages to auction site EBay and social networks Facebook and Twitter, but the impact wasn't as great, Golvin said.

"With those sort of disruptions, people have alternatives or they can wait it out," he said. "But with something like this — and you need to communicate with someone — it's far more significant."

Skype tried to reach its customers through its official blog and messages on the micro-blogging service Twitter.

"Some of you may have problems signing in to Skype — we're investigating, and we're sorry for the disruption to your conversations," Skype said on its Twitter account. "Our engineers and site operations team are working non-stop to get things back to normal — thanks for your continued patience."

In a blog post, Skype said it first noticed a problem when the number of people on the website dropped off. It "wasn't typical or expected, so we began to investigate," it said.

"Skype isn't a network like a conventional phone or IM network — instead, it relies on millions of individual connections between computers and phones to keep things up and running," the post said. "Unfortunately, today, many of them were taken offline."

The Luxembourg company said that engineers were working to get the system running and that it "may take a few hours."

But the outage in many areas lasted into the night.

Skype apologized, and said some features, such as group video calling, "may take longer to return to normal."

Source: Skype outage hits users worldwide -


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Yes I can confirm the World Wide nature of the outage . I was using oovoo to chat with , Kemical and Bassfisher6522 . Unfortunately I at the time was also having major system probs , unrelated to , Skype .
Oovoo , is a nice fill in for conferencing , in the situation where , Skype is down .


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Skype is up and running for me.....time checked 9 am this morning. Website functions are all back online as well.

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