Skyrocketed Ram Usage

This whole incident started today.

Firstly, my computer's ram usage was perfectly fine (Less than 2GB Ram usage), I left my computer on for 3 hours, I came back and noticed that everything started to run really slow, I noticed that my ram usage skyrocketed to 5.8GB Ram usage. (My Computer has 6GB Ram)

I tried everything. Restart didn't help, virus scanning - no results, System Restore - Same problem.

I tried to run a Malware scan with Malwarebytes, but I can't seem to open it due to a message

This whole situation is totally going out of control, I think that I have a virus on my computer.


Also, around 20-30 minutes my Ram usage goes back to normal (766MB) Ram usage with 5118 MB Free Ram.
After I right click on my desktop and click on refresh, It instantly starts to skyrocket back to close to 5.8GB.

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