Sleep Function Greyscaled

Here's the skinny:

I downloaded the RC over the summer to try it out, alongside linux mint. I like it so much that I've decided to abandon the linux distro for now and let Windows 7 take over my whole hard drive. The one thing remaining before falling in love is the lack of standby mode. The sleep function is grayed out in the start menu, so I can't even put it to sleep. This is annoying because I'm using a laptop at school, which I would like to put on standby (instead of hibernating) between classes. This is a 100% fresh install. It was the first thing I tried once the install finished, because I had trouble with the previous Win7 install. I can't figure it out.... Maybe a bios update?? Please Help!!

I have a HP tc4200.

Here's a screenshot

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So I found the issue: make sure you have all the latest video drivers installed. Who knew the graphics driver had bearing on whether Windows decided your computer was capable of sleeping? I guess it makes sense if you think about it....

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