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Jun 24, 2016
I had been using the PC line up of Windows for quite a long time, marking the good old days of 2003 when I first bought my PC. Windows had been my top-notch choice for OS from then. However, nothing had made me as disappointed as my upgrade to windows 10, not even Vista or the lack of a start menu on 8.

I'm currently using HP pavillion 15 laptop model. I upgraded a few days back from windows 7. Mine was a 32-bit one and my first disappointment was that the upgrade tool also upgraded mine to Win 10 32-bit, where it SHOULD have let me choose what architecture I prefer. Anyway, I had to take a full day off and download it again (the 64-bit because that's what I needed) and from then, my laptop crashes everytime I put it to sleep by closing the screen panel lid. Sometimes, it even crashes when I press the shut down button. And the updates! Oh Good Lord!
This is something I must say out loud to MS. The point that you made the upgrade free, well, I was ready to pay for it. But when the updates started to kuck in, I started to regret my decision on upgrading. MS shouldn't be the one to bother me wuth updates after updates! I could be doing important stuff. Why do I have to close my important tasks just to apply those stupid updates??? I will update when I want to update, i.e., when my work is over! REALLY DISAPPOINTING MICROSOFT! This even makes 8 more pleasing to use to me. Personally, I regret my move to Win 10 and I think it was one of the worst decisions I ever made.
First off I'll state this site is not owned or operated by Microsoft, so you may want to contact Microsoft directly. Second no operating systems. Windows, Linux etc can upgrade from 32bit to 64 bit, they are complete different components. The only way to change architectures is a clean install. Updates are important because it most cases they fix exploitable bugs in the code so you should be thanking them for protecting your system.
Thank you for clarifying the architecture upgrading part. I honestly did not know that and I sppreciate it.I also appreciate the fact that updates are designed to keep bugs out of the system, but they shouldn't be timed as abruptly as they are at the moment. As far as I can tell from experience, Mac OS X offers a much friendly interface than Win 10 does. I'm not comparing and stating the better one here just for the sake of letting off my anger, I'm saying it out to make MS innovate and make Windows better again. And thank you for letting me know where to post it for them to see it. That's what I'm exactly going to do now.

Well every one is going to have to update to Windows 10 one way or another, if not now then when they get a new computer.
I just figure that I might as well get into it from the start.

They are updating it a lot because it still has things that need to be fixed unfortunately, I suppose that eventually they will slow down.

Are you sure that your computer supports 64 bit, if it does it should have had a 64 bit on it to start with.

I haven't seen any manufacturers shipping 64 bit computers with 32 bit operating systems.

What version of Windows 10 are you running Home, Pro, you have to match what you have.

Set Windows to notify you of updates, but not to install them until you want it to.
Then you won't be interrupted by forced updates.

And as Neemo said you can't upgrade from 32 to 64 bit, you have to start over with a clean installation.
If you didn't do that I'm not sure why it's running at all.

But since it's running I'd first run the compatibility tool.

From the command prompt run...

schtasks.exe /Run /TN "\Microsoft\Windows\Application Experience\Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser"

Then back up all your data, and reinstall it from scratch, if it says it is compatible with 64 bit.

If the test comes up negative just return it to 32 bit.

@Mike: Interestingly enough, I have seen a few computers recently that have 64 bit CPUs and have come installed with 32bit Windows!! Weird, huh? :shocked: I'm not sure if these were all bought in the U.S. however. I'm hearing rumors that PCs coming from overseas are having this done through online Internet retailers. Of course this is quite frustrating, because you'd expect to get a 64bit OS when you pay for 64bit hardware, right? :hide: So, I had to try to determine the actual purchase source on these PCs, and I'm pretty sure my Clients were hiding that information from me. They seemed to be clearly embarrassed that they bought their PCs from a questionable source. I simply quoted them the upgrade price to purchase the new Windows 64bit version that they needed (either Home or Pro) for whichever Windows they are on (VISTA/7/8/8.1/8.1.1/10), and typically it's about $125-$250 that I would charge them to do this; price for Windows 64bit whatever-platform version and labor to completely reinstall the OS, drivers, data backup/restoration, etc. In all of those cases, the Clients declined to pay the money to get it done, and simply said that for that much money they could just buy a new computer that came with 64bit hardware and 64bit windows to start with.:headache: Who knows what they did actually? I suggested they return the PCs to their place of purchase, get a refund or an exchange, but not a one ever called me back to tell me what they did or didn't do, including running the computer over with a semi-trailer truck or tossing it off a cliff. Just thought I'd mention it. It's rare, but I'm seeing it more often now that folks are shopping for their computers online, and don't always buy from reputable retailers!