SLEEP MODE?!? (And hybernation)

A few months ago the sleep mode on my computer became dysfunctional. Before, I used to put it into sleep mode (it is a desktop) and then move the mouse, and it would power up to exactly how I left it. Now if I put it in sleep mode, it appears to power up but nothing is shown on the screen. All the lights are on in the computer but the monitor is blank and goes to power saving mode (it does this when device it is connected to is in sleep mode). I hold the power button - nothing. I press the restart button- nothing. I disconnect the mains- nothing! It happened yesterday and I fixed it by disconnecting the mains- switiching it back on. Disconnecting hard-drives while it was on, and then disconnecting it from the mains and reconnecting it again. It works now but that was MASSIVE FLUKE!

Any help on how to diagnose this issue or to fix it would be greatly appreciated.
Windows 7 x32


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There is a utility meant to be used to help diagnose power related problems. If your sleep is not working correctly, open an administrative command prompt and type:

Powercfg -energy

Prior to running you need to shutdown all non-essential programs and let it finish. After it completes you will need to copy the .html file to the desktop and open there.

There are normally several USB notices, so don't worry too much about those, but maybe something else will show up. If you want to attach it, go ahead, or use the snipping tool and take pictures so you can edit out any personal info you don't want displayed.

Also, check the Event Viewer for errors that might be related.

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