Sleep mode problem

Win7 64 bit. I use sleep mode just about all the time. However, sometimes when I come out of the sleep mode, I get a blank a screen (no picture on the monitor) and have to reboot with Windows running. I then get the "delete restoration data & proceed with system boot menu ". Everything usually works ok, but once I had file damage. Any idea why this happens coming out of sleep mode and what can be done to fix it? My computer is about 2 years old.


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I will assume the system has just started doing this?

Is this a laptop and does having it plugged in make a difference?

Have you noticed a new driver being installed by Windows Update?

Do you have the system set to require a password after waking? Are you sure it is sleep and not hibernation?

If this is a desktop, have you tried any other monitors?

Anything in the Event Viewer or the Action Center about the situation?

We might want to work on a key combination you could use to shut the system down normally, even if you cannot see the display. At least that would let you know if the system was locking up or just not starting the video...

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