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I have an Abit QuadGT IX38 mobo, latest BIOS, but they are out of the mobo business and I don't expect any new BIOS revisions. Can't even find their US support site any longer. Anyway, the trouble is, I can put the pc to sleep apparently fine the first time, but after waking it up, it will not go back to sleep or shut down without a hard shut off. In sleep mode it shuts the monitor off but the fans stay on, if I am trying to shut down, it just stays on the shut down screen forever. There appears to be no log in the event viewer other than power was unexpectedly shut off (me shutting it down). I have run XP on this machine since I built it, and never had any sleep related problems. If I don't put the pc to sleep, there are no issues, shuts down, restarts fine. Please help if you can.


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I found a new trick you might try. After doing this, you might want to restart prior to trying another sleep cycle.

Open a Admin command prompt. Type cmd in the Start Menu search box then CTRL-Shift + Enter.

Type "powercfg -energy" (without the quotes and there is a space between g and -), and hit enter. It will take about 60 seconds and will write a HTML page, so make note of where it puts it, in the Windows\System32 folder I believe. Check the report and see if anything shows up.

I appreciate your help in this matter. I could not open the HTML log file for some reason. Either way, as weird as it sounds the problem is solved. On a whim I uninstalled Zone Alarm Internet Security and I can sleep and wake up over and over. I don't know how the 2 are related, I am just happy it's working. ZA caused ipv6 problems for homegroup anyways. Do you know if avg supports windows 7 better than zone alarm? Do I even need a firewall at this point or just a really good antivirus, everything I've read says windows firewall is great. Thanks again

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