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Windows 7 Slide Show Themes missing


New Member
Jan 11, 2009
I am running the Win 7 Beta 64 bit on a system with a 5.8 experience index. I am using two NVidia 8800 GTS video cards in SLI mode. The slide show themes are not available on my system. I have tried the registry changes for adding WinSATScore and setting it to 500, as suggested on another site. I have installed the latest drivers from Windows Update and have tried the latest NVidia drivers for Vista. The themes are also not available under Screen Saver/Photo. Are the slide show themes actually included in Win 7 or is there something wrong with my system? Any suggestions?
You should be able to do the slideshow no matter your graphics card. My WEI on my worst Windows 7 computer is 1.0 because it doesnt support direct x 9. I am able to use the slideshow on that computer with no problem. Where did you get the Windows 7 Beta copy you are using?
What do you mean by "manually make ur own slideshow"?
click on desktop background at the bottom of the personalization window. Then hover over one of the images and you will see a checkbox appear. Check every picture you want to appear. Then at the bottom control the time between picture changings.
I can create a desktop background slide show but there are no settings for selecting transition themes associated with the desktop. I am trying to get themes to be available when doing a slide show from Windows Photo Viewer.