Slow 32 installer on windows 7

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    I am trying to install a program on my windows 7 home premium, and after using the installer, nothing happens for a long time. This has happened before, and sometimes the installer starts after a few minutes, but sometimes it takes over an hour, and often i have to just shut it down, because i can't wait for it. Does anyone know about this problem, and a solution for it? In the Joblist, under processes, it is called SETUP.EXE*32, and looks inactive.
    Please help me with this, it is driving me insane.
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    If you check the Event Viewer, do you see any errors or warnings around the time you attempt these installs?

    Have you tried shutting down any anti-virus programs during these installs?

    Are these programs Win 7 compatible?

    Does your system work fine otherwise?

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