slow activity in windows 7 sp1 in the past 2 weeks

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    lately i recognize slow activity in my windows 7 ultimate sp1 without any spaciel resone..
    the slow activity noticeable especially when i try to launch
    *open a folder or menu
    *open browser (of any kind)
    *launch favorits in browser
    *enter Windows settings
    *navigate in sub folders

    i get the spinning icon of the mouse pointer and the HD led is blinking.

    my computer is totaly clean and secured from any virus or maleware, i didnt made any special operation that may effect cause this problem. i must say that when launch eventually to the folder or browser then everything moving fast and smooth. the problem is only with the time that take to launch. i did the next operations to resolved the problem:
    *made a registry cleaning and regisrty defragment
    *made a defragment
    *scaned to viruses and malewares
    *cleaned for temp files to browsers and system
    *made a error check to the HD
    *disable and anable the virtual memory file and set its to 3500 mb
    *cheked for any suspicious activity in the task manager its on 99% non activate process cpu tab. all the proceses are known and safed.
    *even checked with HiJackThis.
    *my windows is updated.
    *OS partition with 35gb free space
    *cooling: 39 celsius cpu

    cpu: q6600
    memory: 2 gb ddr2
    videocard: 8600gt 512mb
    antivirus and firewall: Comodo internet security premium
    antimaleware: Malebytes anti maleware
    registry cleaner: Registry booster
    temp cleaner: Windows washer

    thank you
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