Windows 10 slow computer


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I am in great need of help. 4 years ago I got a gaming pc with very good components, I was just blown away by the speed of it, however over time it became extremely slow, just the startup took about 15 minutes. I lived with it for about 1 year before rebooting it. After that, it was very fast again, but it has been a long time after the reboot and I am afraid the computer has reached its slow form again. I can give details on any question and I unfortionetly do not have any type of backup.
please help me
answer = because Microsoft updates have been allowed to install themselves

4 year is about the end of a systems life and its time to start thinking about your next system unless you want a laptop next... in which case you should wait a few more years
Any number of reasons can impact the speed.
  • Dirt build up on the system components can cause the system to down clock
  • Malware
  • Too many processes running
  • Failing hardware
  • Operating System corruption