slow connection


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Done quite a few fresh installs in the last 4 month, due to faulty motherboards.
Got an MSI x570 with fresh wind 10. Running a few weeks. Slowly personalizing it. Installing games etc.
All of a sudden its taking ages for the internet to load. Even if i go out for half hour and its in sleep mode. It takes 20 seconds for internet connection.
Tried Chrome and IE both the same.
Never, ever had this before.
Direct cable connection. Fast broadband. Just takes ages to load internet


Are there any internet-reliant apps running in the background? This might be causing your issue. You can check by opening Task Manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc) and scrolling down to "Background Processes"


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Dozens of background processes. Cant believe how many on a new install. Never this many on WIndows 7.
I disabled all start up apps other than email and Windows security.
Whats odd is, there is several of the same thing, like Nvidea container 5 are running. Nvidea share 3, Runtime broker 6.It goes on and on.
Never had this before


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A fresh install, is your system busy with updates?
Windows update sis turned off but this also happens after PC goes in sleep mode. I selected to keep connection when in sleep mode. Never had this before.
Looks like ill have to disable programs 1 at a time.
Only thing I can think of is the motherboard overclocking software (MSI DRAGON)
But why in background processors does it the same names multiple times


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Are there more computers connected to the same network and have they the same problem?
If they are ok, I would suggest to downloading the latest Windows installation media and the appropriate drivers from the manufacteres site of your MB, without any further software, install it, apply all patches.