slow download speeds in all buils of Windows 7

I have an HP notebook dv4-1365dx. It has 4 gigs of ram,2.0 intel core duo proc. It has Vista Ultimate 32 bit installed on it. My ISP is Optimumonline. My connection speeds are 30 mbps down,5mbps up. I take the OOL speedtest,Speakeasy,and I consistantly get 30-32 down and over 5 up on all of these tests. I have had Windows 7 build 7100,build 7229,build 7264 installed on this machine and my download speeds have dropped drastically. I get between 3.5 and 7,but my upload speeds remain over 5. I have all the latest drivers installed and everything else about Windows 7 works great. I just ordered the upgrade to be delivered on OCT. 22nd. Has anyone else experienced a drastic drop in download speeds in 7? I went back to Vista and my speeds are again fine.Can anyone please tell me why Windows 7 is so slow on my machine? Thanks

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You said you have all the latest drivers installed.. well what driver did you use for your ethernet? Was it the most recent Windows Vista driver or a Win 7 specific driver? I ask because this definitely sounds like a driver issue.. I've got Win 7 running on 4 different machines and haven't had any problems with download speeds.. Mind you on 2 of these machines it took me a while to find the appropriate drivers but once installed things worked just as they should.. ;) I find the download speeds to be greater in Win 7 then in Vista or XP..

I'd suggest trying a different Ethernet driver.. Which was probably included in your Chipset driver (this usually includes things like Ethernet, IDE, SATA, various Controller drivers, etc) so you may have to search for a newer Chipset driver in order to find what you need.. ;)

If you can't find anything newer then what you already have installed then you may just have to wait until the manufacturer releases a Windows 7 specific set of drivers for your pc.. It's frustrating but that's one of the risks you take when running BETA/RC OS's..

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