Slow File Transfer Over Network (Windows 7 to Windows 7)

I tried to copy a movie from one IDENTICAL Win7 laptop to another via the network. Everything connected great, but once I began to copy the files and saw the transfer speed my jaw dropped. I maxed out at 2.5mbs and it dropped down to 1.5mbs. No difference having it plugged into the network or not. I don't see why the transfer speed wouldn't be near 50mbs wirelessly or 100mbs when plugged in. The router is a Linksys WRT54GL.

The internet works great. I speed test regularly at 20/4. It's something else, and I can't figure it out. I did searches and I did not see any fixes. Hopefully something is available at this point. It would be a shame if I couldn't transfer files over the network quickly like I should.

Thanks for the help!

Any help, please?


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Generally this type of problem is associated with some third party applications. I would take a look at anything you have running on both computers that might be responsible for packet inspection. Firewalls, and or Internet Security Suites that include firewall type applets. You might even try booting both machine into safemode with networking just to see if the performance improves.

Okay, I have several things to follow up with.

1) For whatever reason, the laptops need to have the wireless card turned off to use the wired card. I don't know why, but it did.

2) i guess I'm a dumb dumb, but 100mb ethernet line basically means with typical HDs and such, you won't see much more than 15mb/s. Older HDs you will see about 10ish.

3) With both computers being wirelessly connected(although they were both plugged in) it resulted in the computers transfering at the 2ish mb/s.

4) I'm transfering some files from a "crappy" XP laptop with an older HD that isn't very fast or good @ 9-12mbs.

So unless I'm missing something, everything is ok. Just need to make sure I'm actually running off the wired network and if I had a bit faster HDs, the speed would be faster.

"Speed" (Bandwidth) expectation of Ethernet Home Networks using Windows 98/2000/XP.

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There's a very definite problem with Windows 7 and file copying. On a desktop with XP I achieved a 50MBs copy speed to a specific USB drive. I then formatted the hard drive on the Desktop and applied Vista. Copy speed dropped to 23MBs unless I was copying from my server over the 1Gb wired LAN, when it achieved 36MBs. So I reformatted the drive again and installed Windows 7, expecting it to be faster. Now if I'm very lucky I get transfer speeds of 10-11MBs to that same USB drive regardless of whether the file copy is local or network.

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