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I have a 30 Mb download with a 3 Mb upload connection and my download speed is capping at 1.5 MB/S. When i switch over to my other computer with windows XP I am hitting the full download speed instantly.

I have updated the latest drivers on my router(Sitecom 300N-XR) and network card(marvell yukon 88E8056) and it still hasnt helped.

-I have tried auto negotiate, 1000 full duplex, 100 mb full and half duplex, didnt help.
-My connection seems to spike a lot, when I run it sometimes spikes to 250 mb but most of the time it is hovering around 10 mb.

If this helps here are some of the options on my network card.
-energy star(disable/enable)
-flow control (Tx&Rx enabled, disable)
-interrupt moderation(enable disable)
-IPv4 checksum offload (Tx,Rx,Tx & Rx enabled, disable)
-jumbo packet (1514,4088,9014)
-large send offload IPv4(enable/disable)
-max IRQ per sec(value 5000)
-network address(not present)
-recieve buffers(value 256)
-TCP checksum offload IPv4 (Tx, Rx, Tx & Rx enabled, disable)
-transmit buffers (value 256)
-UDP checksum offload (IPv4) (Tx, Rx, Tx & Rx enabled, disable)
-Wake from shutdown(off, on)
-Wake up capabilities (magic packet & pattern, link change, magic pattern, pattern, none)

I do know its Windows 7 causing the problems since my XP machine is getting full speeds. Also I have tried disabling the IPv6 on my card and it didnt help. I have even tried the router that came from my ISP and no help. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated


use in any web browser address bar. Does that bring up the Google website?

will Microsoft Corporation bring up the Microsoft website in a browser?

If yes, you have a DNS (Domain Name Server) issue with your internet connection. Check and see how your Vista internet connection was configured for DNS, or check with your ISP.

If no - post the settings/properties you are using for your internet connection.

Here is more info:
Internet connection problems with Windows 7

Each time we restart our computers (7 different notebooks connecting from different locations with different LAN configurations and different ISP) they are all unable to connect to LAN and/or the internet.

We have tried several solutions suggested by MS and blogs, but the only working one is the following -kinda convoluted- one:
1) The correct LAN configuration is "Obtain an IP address automatically". But, after a restart, we must modify this provisionally, and change the LAN connection properties placing the last IP number leased by DHCP before turning off the computers.
The previous action will let you browse your local net, but you will not be able to navigate the internet.
2) You need to let the system "Obtain an IP address automatically", but it will not do so, no matter how deep you explore into Windows, after replacing the LAN tab to "Obtain an IP address automatically" ang going through all the necessary movements in CMD with ipconfig, and so on...
3) For the moment, it seems the only solution is to run iExplorer and let Windows start the diagnose of the connection problems. If you completed step one (otherwise this solution will not work), the diagnose will say what we know: 'DHCP is not enabled for "Local Area Connection"'.
4) Click on "Try this repairs as an administrator" (no matter if you are logged in as an administrator, Windows 7 will not recognize you as one) and "Apply this fix". It will fix the problem. Now close the troubleshooter and start browsing.

Note that, in our case, all the computers are quite capable to connect to internet -without major problems- using wireless. For that matter, it is a PITA to see Windows 7 connecting to a very slow and far away WiFi (we must turn off the WiFi radio of the computers to push Windows to find the LAN instead) , when it has a patch cord directly plugged to a gigabit fiber connection...

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Re: :)

After I had installed SP1 everthing slowed to a crawl. I then reset IE8 to the default settings which included deleting my personal settings.
This of course disabled any and all the Google components. Everything then returned to normal speed and working even better. I then enabled Google search and everything went back to a very slow crawl. Since this is a home system I went ahead and uninstalled SP1 and I've had no problems since. It appears the gloves are comming off for Google and MS out our expense.

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