Windows 7 Slow loading of some applications in Windows 7


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I have a laptop (HP Probook 4430s), with Windows 7 as the OS.
The problem I face now is lagging in some programs when I use them. For example :

a) When I use the putty(already sshed into the server), and then type commands the words get stuck/hang for a while before it continues to show the rest of what I type. Means its not smooth typing. It pauses while I am typing, then continues.
b) When I open Internet explorer, it does not open smoothly. It opens up halfway then hangs before showing the full screen.
c) IE takes a long time to load.
d) While scrolling down a pdf document, it also gets stuck halfway(pauses), then reaches the bottom of the page later from where we had scrolled earlier.

I had done a few things that could resolve this, but the issue still persists. Some of the things that I have done :
1) Run a disk cleanup
2) Run a disk defragmentation
3) Clean up the browsing history and allow it to last only 1 day
4) Updated the a/virus software

However these things still do not resolve the problem.

Furthermore, in task manager, the Performance Monitor shows high spikes for Disk and CPU usage. How do I reduce the spikes?

What else could be the problem, and how do are resolve them?
Do run a thorough scan of your computer, with your antivirus program, and preferably an on-line one, and perhaps Malwarebytes. I'm not saying your computer is infected, and spikes for disk and CPU usage are actually the way a computer works: when you press the button, everything goes ~ 100%. It's only worrying when the 100% happens when you DO NOTHING.

A very lacking response, I know.