Slow MCE with server?

I'm trying to use MCE with my Windows 7 laptop so that shared music and pictures are on my server, and laptop gets the data from server thru 54mbs WLAN. The server's directory is mapped as a Z: drive in my laptop, and then MCE was told get pictures and music from there. But, MCE is actually useless this way because it is soooooo slow. I mean, opening pictures or music folders takes always over 10 seconds, and every action I take always just sets the MCE UI on a wait state and again I have to wait and wait and wait...

So is this MCE really designed so that all tha data should be on the same computer than the MCE itself, not on a network drive?? Isn't there any caching or any other trick to make is usable?

The problem is not on a slow WLAN, because if I use winamp to listen music or acdsee to browse picture folders, everything works like a charm. What the heck MCE is doing all the time?

Another thing is that I just can't get bitperfect sounds out of my W7 MCE, and I'm really starting to be quite pissed of with this crappy MCE because nothing seems to work in it like it should. Darn :=(

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Windows Media Center uses a huge amount your memory.

Start Task Manager and if you don't have IE running, it should be at the top of the list.

And I should do what...?

Infact, now I selected to make network directories available off line, and waited to them be synchronized. Still, even when all pictures are on local HD, MCE is awfully slow! Basically it is useless because changing directories or opening pictures still takes from 5 to 10 seconds. How is it possible, even with 2GB of RAM?

It is quite suprising to find this kind of major fault from Win7, when the OS itself seems to be really nice and fast. I hope this is something that will be fixed on official version.

Has anyone else noticed same problems? Was Vista's MCE better, I don't have any experience on it?

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