Windows 7 Slow Network Printing - One More Round


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I have a desktop running Windows 7 Build 7057, with a Canon MP530 attached. I also have a laptop running Vista Home Premium. They are connected on my home network, the printer is set as shared, and is viewable from the laptop. All shares on the desktop are viewable and accessible from the laptop, so I believe the network and sharing are properly setup.

When I try to print from the laptop to the MP530, it takes 10-15 seconds for the print dialog to pop up, and another 10-15 seconds to respond when the Print button is clicked. It's then another 10-20 seconds for the page to actually print.

Now, before Jimbo45 jumps on me, when I try his "poodlefake" method to fool the laptop into thinking it has a local printer, I get an error. When I try to create a local port on the laptop as \\DESKTOP\SHAREDPRINTER, I get a "The Network Name Cannot Be Found" error. I don't understand why this would be when the laptop can find and access the shared folders properly.

Any ideas?