Windows 7 Slow PC - dllhost.exe hogging memory


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I have had this problem basically since I installed Win7, I dont know if something I installed triggered it. This is my school laptop so I'm not in the position to uninstall software to stop the problem, everything I have on here I use actively. Ok, so the problem

I have noticed the laptop takes an average time to boot, hits desktop, starts loading the programs and services (~30s) then it feels like the pc freezes. Basically I click something and it takes about a full minute for it to open, and the whole computer is sluggish in general. I dealt with it for 3 days and got completely fed up with it and found a temporary fix and the cause of the problem.

I opend task manager to see what was hogging the cpu, but there was nothing, sorted by memory usage, and BAM 700mb straight to dllhost.exe. I have gotten task manager open during startup and watched what it does: floats from 2-10mb usage then just skyrockets, reacking 700mb usage in just under 5 seconds. That is when the pc feels like an old PII. If I end the process the sluggishness goes away, and there are no noticeable problems from ending the process. Thinking that the process is useless, i bypassed windows file security and deleted the file, but when I did that, explorer.exe took over the memory hogging problem, promptly jumping to ~700mb usage, then shorty after erroring out. Did a system restore and got the pc functional again, just still dealing with the slowness. This laptop is pretty fast, competes with my gaming desktop in vista, so its not my hardware, it slows down when the dllhost.exe process hogs my memory.


Gateway MT6729
Intel Pentium Dual Core T2330 1.6ghz
2gb DDR2-667
160gb WD SATA 1.5mbps 8mb cache 5400rpm
Drivers updated through windows update

Also battery life has rapidly degraded after the install of windows 7, from 1.5hrs to just under 40min... Help?

[EDIT] btw im running 32bit [x86][/edit]


These things dont fix themselves (i wish they did)

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