Slow receiving emails

Hello, I recently upgraded from Vista to Windows 7 Home Premium... I have an Outlook 2007 to send and receive my Hotmail emails. The problem I have is that it's very slow receiving emails. I have to press the send/receive button in order to receive emails... Because of this, I'm currently setting the Outlook to send/receive every 3 minutes... So I don't get neither the desktop alert nor the email alert I used to see the the lower-right of the screen... I've set it so that I would get both. Is there a way for the Outlook to receive the Hotmail emails instantly? Thanks.

Outlook express is very difficult to set up on win 7.... I don't know how you got it to work.
Win 7 uses Live Email

Even after you get Live Email working.. you may want to check out a free program call Pop Peeper.... I've blogged about it.. check my last few blogs or search blogs for peeper.

I used Outlook Connect to setup my Hotmail account to work using Outlook 2007... It uses MAPI and not POP.

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