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Did a clean install of 32 bit 7 home. Now it takes ages to intially open IE8. Once open, surfing between sites is generally as quick as under Vista. However, it takes ages to open any link that you have to click. Also to open a JPEG using explorer just takes ages. I've downloaded latest network driver from Realtek site but this does not seem to help. I've also disabled Kaspersky 2010 as a trial to see if that was the bottle neck, but clicking links was just as slow.

Is there any way to speed things up again?



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Go to Start > Run, and type msconfig.

Disable all entries except for your ant-virus, spyware detector, and personal firewall if you have one.

Take a look at Task Manager and see which apps are using the most CPU usage.

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried that and disabled all services except Kaspersky and whatever Windows would not allow me to disable. According to Task Manager CPU usage is now around 1%-2% and performance monitor, task manager and iexlorer, which are three top services listed, are all fractional CPU usage. Nothing is hogging the CPU as it were.


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Did this occur immediately after install?

A couple thoughts.

Go to Start > Run, and type optionalfeatures. uncheck IE8, restart, go back and check it again to re-install.

You could also open a command prompt and type in sfc /scannow

Tried both suggestions but no improvement. Windows reported no integrity violations after scan.


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This is strange,

try going to and see if your getting the bandwidth you're paying for.

My speeds are OK. Just tested at Speedtest. The problem is initially opening browser windows and clicking links that will open new windows. Something is very wrong.

To open ie8 and get my homepage takes approximately 30 seconds. Used to take about 5 under Vista.


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Sorry, I can't think of anything further.

Hopefully someone else will pickup on the thread and give you a solution.

Thank you for trying. Its much appreciated.

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