Windows Vista Slow/Terrible Internet Connection in 7057.


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Since I installed 64-bit 7057 yesterday, the internet access on my computer will just go out 5-10 minutes after I first use FireFox or Pidgin, or anything else that connects to the internet. The Safari browser on my iPod touch, though. What's the deal?

Also, when I leave my PC on for over an hour, I get a BSOD.
Maybe contact your ISP?
Open your network and sharing center and see if you have two networks showing up. That keeps happening to me even though I only have my wired connection plugged in and my wireless disabled. I'll have my home network show up and also an unidentified public network. They both show the exact same IP info, but when that happens my internet barely works. All I have to do to fix it is disable my network adapter then re-enable it and it fixes it.

Worth checking out. Not sure why mine continues to do it almost everytime I reboot.