Slow Wirless Internet Connection

So I just got this new Toshiba laptop and have been trying to stream videos at the apartment that I'm staying at over the shared wireless internet and its not going to well. I keep getting lag spikes like crazy every 15 - 20 seconds and the wireless internet connection should be enough to stream a video because the girlfriends Mac does it just fine. I've tried everything to fix it, looking online for tweaks, installing Wlan optimizer, Vista anti-lag and disabling WLAN Autoconfig and nothing has made a difference, so I've ran a couple speed test and listed my computer stats below.

Computer stats
Windows 7 Premium x64
Processor: Intel Core i5 460M
Video card: Inter graded Toshiba card 1049mb?

Speed test
Got speed tests from - The Global Broadband Speed Test
Ping: 35
Download speed: 1.2 MB/s
Upload speed: .2 MB/s

And some speeds for when I ping and my router through command prompt
For Google
Min = 31ms, Max = 1130ms, Average = 199ms
For my Router
Min = 0ms, Max = 1040ms, Average = 108ms
I pinged both of those 30 times

If you need anymore info just ask, thanks

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