Slower Connection Speeds after reinstalling Windows 7 Home Premium

I recently reinstalled my OS, Windows 7 Home Premium. Everything went smoothly, reinstalled all my drivers, gamebooster etc etc. But when I went to download all my games, I found that my internet speed had gone down the tube, an irritatingly slow 1mb/s -.- That's only 1/20 of my normal speed.

My laptop has a built-in Atheros AR5B93 Wireless Network Adapter and Broadcom NetLink Gigabit Ethernet. All the drivers for these are up to date, I've tried googling my issue and found TONS of people with the same issue, but no solution.

Any ideas T_T

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Hello Tagix2,
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Have you installed the PRO/Wireless Network software? This usually goes along with your network adapter drivers.
If you could tell us the exact make/model of your laptop, that would be helpful.


You have to make sure that you installed network driver and other compatible software properly or not because after installation of windows seven such kind of problems arise and it is normal. Also check you properly install windows seven or not.

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