Windows 7 Small program for blocking dangerous websites!


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Hi there,
I would like to ask you if any of you knows a small program that blocks dangerous websites.
It must be a small program which should be installed normally, or a browser plugin.
WOT is a good program, but it only shows you an alert, without blocking the site (this is what i hate at it).
The same problem is with Norton Safe Web Lite.
I don't want to get this type of program by installing an internet suite.
I just want an alone small program which blocks websites.
Does somebody know?


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Malwarebytes Pro-active Protection will help do this for you as well as the IE Screen Viewer. There is not much else, short of a full suite, that is going to protect you from rogue sites. Google tries to block their users from flagging sites that they detect malware on through Googlebot, but it is not perfect.


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I use WOT.
If it generates an alert it is up to you as to whether you visit the site or not.
The blocking function is your job.
If WOT gives a red alert then you dont enter the site.


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The best protection is the one reflected in the monitor screen, i also set up tracking protection, accessible through 'manage add-ons,' i have found that by using Microsoft Security Essentials, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, ESET Online Scanner, and ADS Spy utility, not much gets by unnoticed :)
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