Smart Card Reader CCID Compatibility.

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Background info:
My company uses blank CCID cards that store a name and number on them and we use them with our handset devices so clients and customers can vote and interact with our software.

We have been using windows xp to read and burn our smart card's internally and externally on our laptops.

We have just upgraded all producer laptop's to Windows 7 32bit and installed all our companys software.

The 2 problems we are facing is the internal smart card reader on the laptop.

Windows 7 is is trying to install a mini driver which is interrupting the process and coming up as failed all the time.

We are also trying to work out how to keep the internal device driver appearing and installed on the device manager even when a card isnt inserted. Reason for this is when we take the smart card out all our programs dont register as it has been taken out as the device driver is turning itself off and not responding to the programs. (Windows XP always had the device listed for the internal card reader)

The driver that installs the first time plugging our smart card is an Alcor Micro USB smart card reader. We have also reinstalled this software manually.

Any help would be much appreciated thankyou.


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Regarding problem #1 I would recommend communicating with the vendor (software) and the device manufactuer (hardware) regarding hardware and associated software as it pertains to Windows 7 compatibility.
As to the second problem
Click the start orb and then computer
From the menu bar select tools->folder options (if menu bar is not present simply strike the Alt key on your keyboard to evoke the menu bar) double check and make sure that the check box next to Hide empty drives is not checked.
You may also want to scroll down a bit and make sure Show drive letters is checked.

Got the first problem fixed. Turned off smart card plug and play in the policy editor.

Second problem wasn't what i ment but thankyou for the answer.

The problem is the smart card reader isn't appearing in the device manager (Device Manager - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) when there is no card inserted.

In windows XP the smart card reader was always loaded and the device always apppeared. Now because it dissapears when a card is pulled out our software doesn't have a chance to read that there is no card. So we have redundant information left on screen all the time instead of "No card is inserted".


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The closest thing I can come to reference your Smart Card Reader is a USB flash drive reader. But it shows up whenever it is plugged in even if no media is present.

So I was wondering if you look at the device properties in Device Management, are there any options as to how it is handled?

Maybe the mini driver that is not installing is part of the problem. Does it only try to install when you plug in a card? Have you tried to scan for and pick a driver to the reader before it has a smart card inserted? I suppose you would say the driver mentioned has been loaded, but that may be software and not a driver. The site says this if it might help you find a driver.

Compatible with Microsoft USB-CCID driver
Have you tried the Evaluation Kit that seems to be on the site? I don't have access to any possible drivers/software.

It is a USB device, so when you remove the card are you using a safe removal? Does the device show up in the USB section even without a card.

Have you tried running the software in a compatibility mode?

Anyway, basically just thinking "out loud"..

Edit: I also just noticed there are two Smart Card Services. Smart Card and Smart Card Removal Policy. Both of mine are set for a manual start. Maybe their settings or how they are started would have an effect.

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