Windows 7 SMB oddities


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Jun 11, 2009

I came up with a freaky problem on my Win7 RC (7100) box..

When trying to transfer data from network share with one specific user-account, the whole network just dies. There's no data going anywhere. However, if i login with another user account, it works like a dream.
This baffles me, as there's no errors give whatsoever, anywhere. Not in Eventlog, no error popups from explorer, no errors can be seen with Process Monitor..

I'm pretty much stumped with this, couldn't find anything with quick googling either. Any fresh ideas would be more than welcomed.
Oh never mind.. it appears that i've fixed the issue.
For some reason it seemed to be caused by Tortoise SVN client.. Why would that cause the problem i haven't got a clue though.
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