Smoked by a Windows Phone? Android, iPhone devices lose against WP7 in speed tests.

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    During CES 2012, Microsoft's Ben Rudolph set out to challenge iOS and Android users by outperforming their devices in simple, everyday tasks. These included going from locked screen>>Snapping a shot and uploading it to Facebook/Twitter, finding local business', directions and more!

    The results should come as no surprise to people already using Windows Phone - the HTC Titan trumped almost every device in every test performed.

    The catch to this deal? If your device lost, you had to get a mugshot holding a still frame "My Phone just got smoked by a Windows Phone". IF you WON, Ben would hand you over $100 cash, no cache.

    The results?
    • 30 wins
    • 3 losses
    • 1 ties

    See more videos here! windowsphone's Channel - YouTube
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