[SMUGGLING] Colouring book used to smuggle drugs into jail


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PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) – Three inmates and their loved ones were charged with attempting to smuggle drugs into a U.S. jail on the pages of a children's colouring book, authorities said on Tuesday.

The drug, Subozone, is normally used to treat heroin addiction and is classified as a controlled dangerous substance. It was dissolved into a paste and then painted into the colouring book, said Sheriff Gary Schaffer of Cape May County in New Jersey.

Pages with "To Daddy" scribbled on top were sent to the prisoners at the jail in Cape May.

"I've been in law enforcement for 38 years, and I've never seen anything like this," said Schaffer.

Authorities received a tip drugs were being smuggled in drawings, Schaffer said.

Prisoners Zachary Hirsch, Charles Markham and Paul Scipione were charged in the case, along with Markham's mother, Debbie Longo, of New Jersey, and Katelyn Mosbach, of Pennsylvania, who was still being sought.

The New Jersey drug bust was the second one this month involving Suboxone smuggling behind bars.

Authorities at a prison in Pennsylvania earlier this month arrested 11 people in what they said was a scheme to hide the drug beneath postage stamps on letters mailed to inmates from family members.

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