[SNAKE] Bronx Zoo cobra has been found

The escaped Bronx Zoo cobra that became an internet star after spoof posts from it appeared on Twitter has been found 'alive and well'.

The deadly 24-inch Egyptian serpent went missing from the world-famous zoo's Reptile House last Saturday, sparking a frantic search and rescue mission.

The reptile house was shut down as a precaution, but workers were sure that the venomous female snake would be found somewhere inside it, as she would have found the cold New York weather outside very uncomfortable.

They were proved right when they found the snake in a dark corner, not far from her tank, yesterday morning.

Director of the Bronx Zoo, Jim Breheny, said: 'We're really happy to announce that the cobra that was missing for the past seven days has been recovered inside the Reptile House and she's alive and well.'

Following the serpent's bid for freedom, joke tweets from it appeared on an @BronxZoosCobra Twitter account, which quickly amassed over 220,000 followers.

The first tweet read: 'I want to thank those animals from the movie "Madagascar." They were a real inspiration.' The next one teased: 'Wouldn't you like to know #wherethebronxzoocobraishiding.'

The most recent tweet joked that the snake had slithered its way to a baseball game: 'If you see a bag of peanuts inexplicably moving along the ground at Yankee Stadium today. Just ignore it. It's probably nothing.'

One thing's for sure, the snake certainly scored a home run on the internet – but will we hear anymore from her? Since she's been found, the tweets have stopped.

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