snapscan 1212u

Hello guys, gurlz. whoever. I would like to know how to install a agfa snapscan 1212u usb onto windows vista. I install the scanwise software and then says 'please turn on scanner. IT IS ON.... god. i mean it will find driver for it in windows update find new hardware, but then will not install correctly. any ideas???


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Did you have the problem fix? I have the same scanner but when I installed and go the procedure, when I search it in the installation, can not find the scanner listed?


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Trying to install an unsupported scanner on an unsupported OS is likely to be fairly difficult assuming it's even possible. I would suspect the driver will not install for the device since it's meant for Windows 2000 and older. You might be able to manipulate the driver INF file to include vista but that is a long shot.