Snow Leopard Dual Booted with Win7

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Installation' started by Soulja Pixii, Dec 4, 2009.

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    This may be a stupidquestion but can you put snow leopard on a dual boot with win7. Im pretty good with computers but i have no idea

    This may be a stupid question but can you dual boot Win7 with Mac Snow Leopard with Win7 as primary.:confused:
    Ive got a Windows 7 and Snow Leopard Disc but Do not know if it would work. Also if it is possible how much space will i need for Snow Leopard.
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    If you have a mac it is no problem to boot either OS as a primary or secondary OS (Windows under bootcamp).

    If you have a "PC", you are almost certainly going to have issues with OSX running on it. OSX doesnt like to play nice with non-Apple hardware.

    It can be done but I wouldnt recommend it.
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