So, I was walking the dog...


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And the dog said to me (he's a clever dog!!) "'Bout time you got the pushbike n tent out son, disappeared into the hills".

So that's the plan. Me. The dog. A packet of Bakers (dog food). Some bacon and a hip flask. So after tonight will most likely be unavailable for a week. Hope I don't drop anybody in the mire that I'm "helping".


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Have a good time Elmer and Clever Dog :)


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Cheers alfred01. I'm more surprised at the dogs diction than his inabilty to conjugate a verb!!


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Let's just say his language can be a tad RRRrrruff!


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and being out in a tent with just bacon and being cold can make you feel a little woof at nite haha


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I've been back best part of a week now and forgot about this post so a quick update on how it went.

The routine is: When in urban area, dog's on lead, I walk with bike. Offroad, i.e. cycle paths, I cycle, dog trots along beside me. When the dog is knacked, we stop. When the dog is really knacked, we camp, hopefully in a dog friendly site, sometimes behind a hedge.

Last time we did this, two years ago, in two days we were 70 miles away from home. This year, only 55. Can't work out if the dogs getting too old at 9, or far more interesting sniffs this year (for him, not me!).

But we got to Hadrians wall. Did three days of walking about, approx one and a half days of the dog hiding in the tent as it was raining too hard for the big wuss (you can't pack a tent with a six stone dog inside it, trust me, I tried!).
Found somebody in a cafe who graciously let me use her lappy to check things (e-mail etc.). Apart from that, a total cut off from "Modern Life". Mobile phone in pocket, switched OFF. Excellent!!

Everybody should try it.

But me n my saddle sore bum n weary dog have enjoyed even more the creature comforts of home after deserting them for a wee while.

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