Windows 7 So What Are You Playing Right Now?


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Playing Death Stranding starring Norman Reedus as Sam Porter Bridges..








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As the game is so freaking special I had to purchase the Directors cut of Death Stranding:






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Right now I'm playing Elden Ring. It's pretty hard and not that involving story-wise, but there's no real penalty for dying as long as you can get back and recover your stuff. So getting dead isn't that big a deal.

Since it wasn't designed for PC, the controls take a while to get used to. I'm still playing Conan Exiles, and it's about to have an update that will add Sorcery and revamp much of the game. I'm looking forward to that because there isn't much of anything I haven't done multiple times.

I got moved when they eliminated the number of servers, so I've just finished rebuilding everything. So I will probably re-spec my character and change it to a Sorcerer rather than start all over again.

That way I'll still be able to keep all the stuff I just finished rebuilding. Looking forward to a new version of Plague Tale, and Horizon Zero Dawn. Both of these games had really interesting stories and kept you on the edge of your seat.


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So I thought I'd start a 'what game are playing Right Now'? Thread. I know this is a 7 games forum and this is just a little light relief... I tend to revisit my games many, many times and I usually have a old favourite like FEAR running as well as a current title.
Often though, I'll be playing through some game or other and have an awesome experience in the process which I find is great to share... Anyway, enough of the tree hugging stuff...:rolleyes:

One game which has got me totally gripped at the moment is 'Battle-Forge'.. It's like a free to play MMO/RTS with a single player game to boot. One of the scenarios drove me nuts because I kept dying and I was still at it at 5.30am Thursday morning..and I still died.....sob..

So what are you guys playing at the moment? Which game is keeping you awake until 5.30am?
If I had to say Red Dead redeption 2. It is by far the game with the best story I have ever played and I fell inlove for it again. I have replayed the story a million times and did all three endings and even the ending with bad honor was good. The game overall and graphics is just such a good game and who dosent like to be a cowboy and name your horse the weirdest name you can come up with. Dont get me started about the beatiful landscape that you can travel threw the map you could literly spend hours losing yourself in the beaty of the game. But the online if I had to say is pretty good but RDR2 is like the unloved child of the family. Thats how rockstar treats it compared to GTA5 :anime: