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    I will say, missing or writing the rest of an OS because of a certain Start screen is somewhere between sad & silly. Making an big issue, fuss & blockage over a Start screen, that not only doesn't need to be used (There IS choice) but, gets in the way of nothing, hardly makes grounded sense.

    Understand something before saying what's good or bad, likable or not (IN YOUR OPINION). It's bad enough to bash something, arbitrarily, but, when based on untruths it helps no one & oft, misguides others.

    Ergo, it is upsetting & troubling out of concern for how it will erroneously impact on the uninitiated...

    Ppl hear/read Win8 is unworkable... they'll believe it.
    You tell 'em it's only good on tablets & phones & Touch-screens... they'll believe it.
    You tell them it's hard to find things & navigate... they'll believe.
    You tell them cus some things are new or different, it's bad... they'll believe it.
    You tell Folks a start button & a start menu are gone AND tell 'em that it's a problem... they'll believe it.
    Tell people the ONLY thing worth attention in Windows8 is "Metro Apps" & there is nothing that makes it better than any current or previous OS so, no compelling reason(s) to use it...they'll believe it.

    None of the above is true yet, we hear or read it... One thing sure... it makes it especially challenging of IT Pros when so many myths, partial or skewed info & falsehoods are spread about & people buy into it.

    Know reality & accuracy before making statements, as if, fact & as if, others should take them as gospel

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