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So I'm no parent or anything and I can't give details but we got a foster child in the house now who has to be closely monitored using the computer. As most of us know you don't want to sit there and monitor your child while they use the computer, you got better things to do, right? Well for me this is true though I'm not the parent it don't matter I'm the techy I know whats okay and whats not to install so automatically in my house that puts me in charge of everything. So it is my job to monitor this kid. Everyone is okay with monitoring software and some monitoring is gonna be probably based on trust but my biggest thing is I wanna find a program to use for monitoring him thats cheap (under 10 dollars) or free Windows or even Linux would be okay I'm open to anything but Mac because we don't have Mac's in our house. I'm open to discussion on this topic and definetely a little debate. I wanted to use Family Cyber Alert but it's too expensive and I would like to have the latest version. I'm not down for torrenting I speciailly need to be able to montior most every action files opened websites visited and instant messagers logged to a log only I have access to, so I need all online and offline monitoring. again windows (7 specificailly) or Linux (probably if Linux will be Slackware or Ubuntu...) Thanks


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You'll find that ESET Smart Security has great parental control features, including monitoring. You'll be able to see just about every website accessed. There are built-in features for this within Windows 7 and Windows 8, but they are not as robust. Similar software from security companies usually offer this in their suites, but I've seen ESET provide it as a mainstream, top feature.

I am personally using a tool Kernel Computer Activity Monitor in my Office to monitor activities of my employees, you can run it on home PC as well. Using this tool you can take screenshots, record the activities like keys pressed and programs used, internet activities etc and check them when you have time because all the records are saved on the system.

"BandSport Parental Control" its a firefox addon designed for parental control.
Just an alternative if you're only concerned about the internet access.

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