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    There are several software programs around including shareware that you can only install once or twice before you have to shall we say beg, plead, or whatever to have your reinstall amount reset so that you can use the program again. Name a few no problem,

    Dap ( Download Accelerator) 3 installs
    OnlineTV 2 installs
    Roboform 1 install (this one can have the problem fixed for good by logging into Roboform with you order # and saving that as a loggin. Then saving my roboform.dat to a cd for future reference.
    The trouble with most all of this is you are not really getting exactly what you think you are. Why? If you reformat once too often or what ever you will either have to have something like the Roboform situation or as in the case of Dap or OnlineTV, go back to the maker of the software and plead your case; which frankly I find a huge problem to have to go through. Another one is Stardock Object Desktop and really anything else Stardock sells. They have the sort of reinstall that trips when it feels you have reinstalled too much. Oh, ain't computers fun?

    Point is here, I sure there are many of us who get tired of getting stuck with software that has too be installed in this manor. I for one only wish they (makers) would llabel there stuff with warnings that would let you know if it it is so called copy protected.

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