Windows 7 Soldier of Fortune Payback


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hi.. well im having some issues with soldier of fortune payback.. I run the game.. and when it loads the game map.. its stutters and crashes.. and when I check the performance tab on the task manager I see that the processor use was at 100 %

already tried the compatibility stuff..

I got RC x 32
3gb Ram
Intel Dual Core 3.0
Nvida Geforce 8500 Gt with updated drivers

need help.. thx


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Did you download the patch? I know it had quite a few issues running on Vista. I've debated whether I was going to install it on Win 7, but the multiplayer was so bad that I didn't. Maybe I'll give it a shot this weekend if I have the time.


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To be honest I couldnt get that working on Vista x64 due to horrible sound whine bugs, but I never thought to try ALchemy with it....someday I may find the time to try now.