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Hello everyone,
This is one of several articles that are upcoming from me, your Public Relations manager :)
This article will focus on a less known and extremely useful application developed to dramatically reduce the time your PC takes to startup, with a user friendly and ethnocentric interface.
You can grab Soluto from!

Upon first install Soluto will prompt you to restart your computer to begin using the application. Now this is no typical situation where a program installation requires the PC to be restarted so certain components can be updated/initialized, Soluto analyzes your startup process. During this process it does a few things: it determines how many applications are running at startup, what they are, what they do and most importantly, the amount of time each takes to start. After startup, launching the application from the taskbar will present you with a very user friendly GUI.

The three sections programs are categorized into are "No brainer's", "Potentially Removable" and "Can't be removed with Soluto [yet]). Don't be disappointed when you see the majority of apps can not be removed. This is to be expected and Soluto will never be able to remove them all simply because they are mostly required components of Windows.
Take note, however, of the other two categories. Evaluate the choices you have in the two categories. Do you really need Skype running at startup, adding an extra 14 seconds to your boot time? The answer is probably no. To make a change, simply hover over the thumbnail for the app and you'll be presented with options to Pause, Delay or Keep in Boot. Additional information on what others did will be available and for the more tech savvy, you can add your own information and suggestions on the program.
  • Keep in boot doesn’t change anything, the application will still run as soon as your PC is started.
  • Delay will temporarily delay the application from running, waiting until there is less load on your processor and RAM to launch the application (this is an extremely efficient method).
  • Pause will simply stop the application from running automatically when you turn on your PC. This is the best choice for most programs. You can easily launch any paused apps later by right clicking the icon in your taskbar and selecting "Launched my Paused Apps".
Check the following resource for more in-depth details about how to use Soluto.
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I'm currently helping test an alpha build of Soluto which introduces two further more useful features, unfortunately my testing agreement prevents me from discussing them with you here, though I ensure you this article will be updated at the earliest possible opportunity, revealing the additional features coming soon - you'll like what you see!

That's all for now - short and to the point! Soluto helped me save anywhere's from 15 seconds to 1 minute 45 seconds on various PC's.
Thanks for reading this article and I hope it's been beneficial. More articles are coming soon :)

Mitchell Anthony,
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The newest version of Soluto now features a full web interface which allows you to view detailed hardware information, install program updates automatically, and change boot times all from the website. The best part is, you can now add friends PC's to your account, and help them out without ever interrupting their experience. It all happens in the background. This is a great tool for technicians and amateurs alike!