Solved: Mobile Hotspot not working on Windows 10


If the Windows 10 hotspot is not working, the cause might be your driver or certain settings. When the mobile hotspot is not working on Windows 10, the possibilities to fix that are numerous, so patiently go through each one. The Windows 10 mobile hotspot was not working for some users because of device space. There might also be some apps that interfere with the settings, so make sure to check that out.

With today’s technology, you can get connected to the Internet via a mobile hotspot, a wireless router, or even use your own smartphone as the hotspot.

A mobile hotspot allows you to share your network connection with other devices that want to connect to or access the Internet, using the Wi-Fi feature.

Whenever you try to connect to a mobile hotspot, some challenges can arise due to:

  • Incorrect configuration
  • Incorrect setup
  • The outdated wireless network adapter driver
There are several other instances that can interfere with your mobile hotspot connection.

Before trying any of the solutions in this article, you could establish if the issue is only with a specific device that won’t connect to your computer’s hotspot or with all of them.

Try also surfing using a modem or Wi-Fi to see if the issue is your computer or connection-related.

Click Here are the solutions you can use to fix the mobile hotspot not working Windows 10.